Support Scheme for Strawberry Cultivation : The government will provide assistance of 1 lakh 12 thousand per hectare for strawberry cultivation.

Support Scheme for Strawberry Cultivation : Government has launched a scheme to empower berry cultivation. The Chalak Yojana to run this by the government includes assistance to medicinal/scented crops, Kandanasu Sahay Yojana and women’s assistance to run for the benefit development of intensive farming.

Apart from this, TSUC provides Kharek Agricultural Assistance and Assistance Scheme for Papa’s Farming. Today in this article we will give detailed information about assistance scheme for Barity cultivation. Discussion of what is beneficial under support scheme for strawberry cultivation in Gujarat.

Support Scheme for Strawberry Cultivation

Various horticulture schemes are placed online on iKhedoot portal. Total 101 schemes online applications have been launched under this scheme. What is the Support Scheme for Strawberry Cultivation in Gujarat? We will get the information. What are the benefits under the aid scheme for strawberry cultivation? How to apply? And for that we will get all the information where the document is required.


The objective of this scheme is to provide assistance to farmers in strawberry cultivation.

Eligibility for availing this scheme

  • Some eligibility of support scheme for strawberry cultivation has been determined. Which are as follows.
  • The scheme is available to General, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe farmers.
  • A farmer can take the benefit of this scheme only once.
  • Planting material from NHB accredited/Nurseries of Agriculture University/Horticulture department for planting material and DBT approved/accredited tissue lab for tissue culture planting material (seedlings), GNFC, GSFC, Tissue Lab of Agriculture University etc. Planting material from Govt. Will have to buy.
  • Anu. Caste/Sec. Non-Jana Jati farmers who want to avail the assistance in an area of more than 1 hectare will have to adopt Micro Irrigation System (M.I.S.) compulsorily.
  • The farmer owner has to enter the note of plantation of horticultural crops in water sheet. Till the planting note is entered in the water sheet, the farmer has to submit the specimen of the palm of that area.
  • Farmers have to develop innovative drip irrigation systems.
  • An additional 15% supplementary assistance from the State Government shall be given only for planting.
  • Farmers are eligible for assistance up to a limit of 4 hectares per beneficiary.

Supporting evidence for applying to the scheme

One has to apply online to avail the aid scheme for strawberry cultivation running on the I khedut portal. For which the following farmer beneficiary should have documents.

7/12 land copy of farmer
Copy of Aadhaar Card
Caste certificate if farmer beneficiary belongs to SC caste
Caste certificate if farmer beneficiary belongs to ST caste
Copy of ration card
If the farmer is disabled, certificate of disability
Copy of forest rights letter (if any) if beneficiary belongs to tribal area
Consent form of other farmer in case of joint tenant in 7-12 and 8-A land of agriculture
Details of soul registration with beneficiary, if any
Details if member of Co-operative Society (if applicable)
Information if member of milk producer association (if applicable)
Mobile number

How to apply?

Farmers have to apply online through the i-Khedoot portal to avail benefits under the aid scheme for strawberry cultivation. For that you have to apply by following below steps.

First open Google and type “ikhedut”.
Where to open the official website of Ikhedut
After opening the ikhedut website click on “Plan”.
After clicking on the plan, open “Horticulture Plans” at number-3.
After opening “Horticulture Plans” where click on row no-93 strawberry.
In which the next page has to be opened by clicking on “Apply” in the aid scheme for strawberry cultivation.
Are you a registered applicant farmer? In which if you have registered then yes and if not you have to do no.
If the farmer is registered, after entering Aadhaar card number and mobile number, he has to apply by entering Captcha Image.
If the beneficiary has not registered on i-khedut then he has to apply online by selecting ‘No’.
After filling the complete information, the farmer has to click on save application.
The application has to be confirmed after checking the details thoroughly. Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no correction or increase in the Application Number.
Farmer beneficiary can get print based on his application after applying online.

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Official Website: Click Here
Homepage: Click here

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